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The California Cruisers was founded from a club previously called the California Sightseers.


The Sightseers were a club chartered through NAARVA. When NAARVA bought a property in North Carolina without a notice and a vote from its members, many of the chartered clubs including some members of the Sightseers decided to separate themselves from NAARVA.


The founding members of the Cruisers decided to stay with the belief that change can't occur by leaving. They formed with the belief that they needed to stay and encourage change from within. 


​The founding members of California Cruisers were James & Blanche Brooks, Julius & Liz Hemingway, Barry & Louise Grogan, Al & Barbara Wilson, Oscar & Cynthia Neal, Joe & Betty Patrick, Marvin & Earline Powell, Gus & Carol Turner, Robert & Ruth Chess, Cordie & Marietta Smith, Edward & Evelyn Stone, and Lang & Lisa Moy. 


​The group above got together at the Brooks’ home in Banning and decided to form the California Cruisers.

Some of the founding members are still active in the club, including Joe & Betty Patrick and Barry & Louise Grogan. Although her husband Julius has since passed, Liz Hemingway remains a very active member of the club.


​We also recognize and appreciate some of the founders who aren’t active members, but make an effort to attempt attendance at campout meetings as Emeritus Members; Al & Barbara Wilson, and Marvin & Earline Powell. Oscar & Cynthia Neal have since moved to Texas and are now members in the Southern Region of NAARVA.


​Some of the original members of the Cruisers were known to caravan to various National and Regional events together. The last rally that Liz Hemingway remembers caravanning to with four other rigs was the Eastern Regional held at Bethpage RV Resort in Urbanna, Virginia.


Our Founding Members

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